Cast a Smile and Reel in Another!

Your smile, more than anything else, can have the strongest impact on yours or someone else's day.  Just the action of smiling whether it's is genuinely felt or not has been shown to improve your mood.  So when the feeling is genuine imagine how much stronger the impact.                         

It began a few years ago with some drawings a fish in silly scenes –scenes you wouldn’t expect to find a fish in; but no matter the scenario the fish always had a smile on his face.  It was a fun reminder to remember to always smile and feel fortunate, whatever experience or scenario came about. 

After several drawings and noticing the uplifting feeling that came from the drawings of the smiling fish, it was time to share to share that same feeling with everyone.  So came about Happy Fish Hawaii, the fun positive images genuinely inspire a smile even from a short glance. 


The fitting name for the smiling fish was Bobby, named after a close high school friend.  Bobby was one of those people super psyched no matter what the scenario, and his positive fun energy always lifted up those around him.

Whenever you are wearing your Happy Fish Hawaii apparel, strongly wear your smile. It will make your day better, and you never know how much your smile is going to affect someone else's day.

Check out our Fish Market for fun uplifting apparel and merchandise, and where 5% of your purchase goes to the Fish Food Hunger Project. 

Thank you for your support and remember: "Cast a smile and reel in another!"