Aya Surfer Girl

Aya is a surfer girl from New Jersey. She is recently recovering from cancer treatment and wrote us at Happy Fish Hawaii telling about her love for the beach and surfing.  With winter on the way she wanted a Happy Fish Hawaii tank-top to help her keep summer on the mind when the weather turns cold.  She wrote us a letter telling us what makes her happy.


"What makes me happy is to surf and be at the beach and in the ocean just feeling the salt on my skin. I love the hot sun and the warm sand on my skin just being able to make other people happy makes me happy I love people and love having fun."

We often get caught up in our busy schedule, or focus so much of what we want, and forget to take time to reflect on and be thankful for the things that we have that make us happy.  Thanks Aya for your awesome letter, we feel lucky to have you wearing a Happy Fish Hawaii shirt.